Droplets of a Lost and Found Mermaid

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Mermaids like vampires are something with many different interpretations. I really liked this one. A very original concept, with a big Weasley-like family, and believable main characters. I look forward to reading the next book in this tril First of all, thank you so much Meaghan we're on first name terms, right for sending me a free copy of Droplets!! I look forward to reading the next book in this trilogy! Mar 14, Sarah marked it as to-read Shelves: Free on Amazon today! Sep 08, Jacqueline Smith rated it it was amazing. Did I mention I love mermaids? I knew I would love this book as soon as I heard about it.

I think every girl, at one point or another, has dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Lissie Darrow is no exception. But the merman who changes her is dark, demanding, controlling… Evil. To keep her family safe, Lissie agrees to his ultimatum… at first. Realizing that she can never be free of him, Lissie flees into the ocean and finds herself on a seemingly deserted island. But h I love mermaids! But her adventure is only beginning. Why did I love this book? I already told you. But this isn't your typical girl is saved by a handsome merman and she falls in love with him story.

The stakes are higher and the thrill is very real. Needless to say, I will most certainly be reading the sequel! Apr 27, Tristen rated it liked it Shelves: I'm thinking this book is a 2. I had some issues with the story from the beginning. Some things were just not realistic. I realize it is fantasy, but even human reactions were hard to believe at times. There were also a handful of grammatical errors and words used incorrectly. About halfway through the book, the story was set up and really got going. I will read the second book, Ripples, to see where i I'm thinking this book is a 2. I will read the second book, Ripples, to see where it goes.

The premise is interesting and unique compared to what I would normally read, even if it's a little raw. The instalove aside, I am interested to see where it goes. Hoping the next book is better, because the author does have an interesting plot!!! Jun 08, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

Couldn't put this story down! Excellent storyline with a continuing plot that builds. Can't wait to start the next in the series! I won a copy of this book from a giveaway that the author, Meaghan Rauscher, hosted in exchange for an honest review. With that being said, the thoughts and opinions I am about to lay out in this review are all mine and they are all honest and genuine. When the opportunity to win a mermaid novel presented itself, I jumped right on it.

I remember when I was around the age of 12, I had read a mermaid book The Tail of Emily Windsnap that I thoroughly enjoyed as a pre-teen. That was the one and on I won a copy of this book from a giveaway that the author, Meaghan Rauscher, hosted in exchange for an honest review. Just last year, I came across another mermaid book that piqued my interest Forgive My Fins.

I finished it quite quickly since I found that the content in it wasn't "mature" enough for me for lack of a better word. I wanted something a little bit more complex; more stimulating. Something that 20 year old me would enjoy rather than the 12 year old I was when I read my first mermaid book.

Since I wasn't fully content with the experience, my search for a fitting mermaid book continued and alas! I dove lol, get it? They're more fun this way. I was pulled right in from the very beginning. The prologue starts out very mysterious and ambiguous to say the least. I love when a book starts out with a story which you know will become important later on in the plot but is just not yet clear to you.

I think this kind of opening is what keeps me reading a book. I, myself, coming from a big family, personally very much appreciated the strong family dynamic that Lissie, our protagonist, has with her father and her siblings. I understand that this is a personal thing, but when a book has any sort of family dynamic presented, the book automatically becomes dear and close to my heart and makes it all the more easier for me to read on. In a way, it just makes the reading experience and plot line more real and relatable on a personal level. One of the many things that really impressed me about this book is the way Rauscher was able to add in little details here and there that, although minor, later on proves to be actually quite important and worth paying attention to.

A small detail in particular that comes into mind is the way Rauscher describes the merman like he's "marble" "His skin was mesmerizing, shimmering as the rain splattered against it harshly. But the water did not seem to soak into his flesh; instead, it ran down his face and shoulders without the slightest glitch as though he was marble. And this is exactly what Rauscher did for me in this book.

To add on to the many impressive qualities in this book, I was specifically in awe with how gracefully Rauscher transitioned between the two opposing worlds; from a typical small town where a lot of things are routine, to a completely different and beautiful world full of magic and countless possibilities.

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I thought that the transition was very well done and it honestly just flowed very nicely. Instead of going from the human world and then smack dab in the middle of the world of mermaids and mermen, Rauscher eases us nicely from one world to the other. Now, the one and only reason why I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5 is because I found that at times, it dragged on a little bit.

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Here and there I found that some things could have been completely left out and unmentioned and the story nonetheless would have still been just as strong if not stronger. But no matter, I didn't mind too much as this honestly just prolonged the book for me I put off finishing this book for a few days because I just wasn't ready to leave the world yet as I don't have the second book! What I am most proud to say about this book, though, is that I was able to enjoy it as an adult; as a 20 year old. The setting, the characters, the plot line Not only are we taken to a world foreign to our own, Rauscher also provides us with what I thought was quite profound merfolk history.

The author provides a stable foundation that I think is quite important when reading books that has a mysterious and complex settings and plot line. I mean, as much I love ambiguity in a book, I still want to know important things that will help me soak in the story as I read through! Before I end this review I just want to say Oct 19, Savannah Rohleder rated it it was amazing.

Lissie is thrown overboard, only to be saved by a monster who wants one thing: The cruel man, who has fins like a merman when he hits the water, changes Lissie through a painful process. Having misjudged her age, the merman leaves her until her eighteenth birthday, when he will come back to claim her. On first picking it up, I totally thought it would be one of those YA books where this mysterious and hard-edged man merman in this case would come and force Lissie into something.

Later they would fall in love and it would be just another Beauty and the Beast knockoff. This book was nothing like that and it was refreshing. The mermaid mythology in this book was really good. I liked the subtle differences to the mythology that I have heard so many times. I really enjoyed that Lissie got to be in the heart of it all and learn so much.

Lissie was a great character. She went out and tried to change the fate forced upon her.

I liked that she was strong, but she had moments of weakness. It makes them more real. I really loved Patrick in this book. The ending to this book was really satisfying. It made me want to read more and it does leave the reader with some unanswered questions. Regardless of that, I really want to read the next book and discover what happens next. May 06, Fourcyjackson added it. First of all, I'd like to thank the Author, Meaghan Rauscher for giving me a free copy. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

To start off, I'd like to comment on the cover page on which I think is really appropriate and eye catching. So, this book is about an innocent, young girl named Lissie who had a wonderful life before she was forced to become a mermaid by this powerful merman called Morven who, in my opinion, acts all tough-man-who-knows-more-than-you-do. Then Lissie escapes or try, rather, from the life Morven wants for her. Then she meets Patrick in a secluded island who, by the way, sort of remind me of someone from Hunger Games wink wink. And basically, Lissie and Patrick fall in love with each other amd Morven just ruins everything.

See a Problem?

I couldn't quite say that I ship Lissie and Patrick. Though, in the end, when they were captured by Morven, I really felt the intensity of their affection for each other especially when Lissie what brought to the cell adjoining Patrick's. All in all, like the others, I think that the story is fast paced resulting to the feeling of being unattached to the lovers. The middle part could use the a little more interesting scenes or an expansion of how they really developed the relationship and as well as for others.

I liked the plot because it has captured the essence of being a mermaid though I would want to have read Lissie being a great singer and all and put significance to that talent of hers. In the end, I enjoyed reading it although it took me a while. I'd love to find out what happens next to the story! May 09, Jessie rated it liked it Shelves: I have not read very many Mermaid stories Maybe 3.

Mermaids: The Body Found - Wikipedia

A friend of mine recommended this book to me. I started to read it and the beginning is very slow. The author takes a lot of time to set the "stage" of the story and introducing the characters. I would make my rating like 3. It was still good, just not as good as 2 Which I really really love! Further into the book, the story b I have not read very many Mermaid stories Maybe 3.

Further into the book, the story becomes better. Meaghan Rauscher begins to grab you into the story and you get hooked on what the main character Lissie is getting into and how she deals with what she is given. Even though Lissie is very scared, she still has a lot of guts and doesn't sink into being terrified. She does have a backbone and will stand up for herself - which is good!

The writing style as my friend says in her review is "raw". There were some misspellings and word choices that didn't make a whole lot of sense. These in the beginning kinda took me away from the actually story. But don't let it stop you! I am so frustrated that I have to wait until June 10th to read the third!! All and all This book was good. And it should be read and I am sure many will enjoy this book as I did. Aug 06, Gracey rated it it was amazing.

Guys, I know that I usually give books 5 stars. It's because I just have never found a bad book. But this one definitely deserved those 5 stars! Droplets is one of the best debut books I have ever read! The writing was just fantastic, I was actually surprised that this was Meaghan's first novel! Her descriptions were so vivid that I felt as if I were standing right there watching the story unfold before my eyes.

I simply couldn't put the book down! Each chapter pulled me in deeper and deeper. Thi Guys, I know that I usually give books 5 stars. This story has everything: Each character was so well developed. They each had some type of hidden past that kept every moment or conversation they had with Lissie so intriguing. Loved this new take on mermaids, like how they can control their powers and walk on land. This was the first mermaid book I have read, and it definitely has me hooked.

The plot, the characters, everything. I loved it all! Can't wait to read the sequel! Aug 24, Anna rated it it was ok. It's not terribly written and would have appealed to me when I was about 12 but I found a lot of it quite repetitive and tedious. The pacing was odd, skimming over things that could have been made more of and dragging in other respects. It would probably have scored higher with me like a 2. I'm getting quite irate with authors not wrapping up their stories in an attempt to pressgang you into buying the next ins It's not terribly written and would have appealed to me when I was about 12 but I found a lot of it quite repetitive and tedious.

I'm getting quite irate with authors not wrapping up their stories in an attempt to pressgang you into buying the next instalment. If your story is strong enough, you can wrap it up and people will buy the next part anyway. The redeeming feature of this was Rauscher's adequate command of the English language and her great imagination.

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Mar 15, Elizabeth Emily Browne rated it liked it Shelves: I quite liked this book, the story line and plot was good but I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I thought I would. Plus the story is slightly slow paced so it takes a while for anything to actually happen.

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I liked some parts of the book more than others. I did however like the relationship that developed between Patrick and Lissie. The fact that they had both been through similar ordeals. I am quite intrigued to read the next one because I would like to know what happens to Patrick I quite liked this book, the story line and plot was good but I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I thought I would. I am quite intrigued to read the next one because I would like to know what happens to Patrick and if they do end up being the ultimate weapon together.

However unlike some series I read I don't feel like I have to read it. I thought that the character Morven was actually built quite well. All in all not a bad read. Jun 02, Summer rated it really liked it Shelves: Available on Kindle Unlimited. I enjoyed reading this book. I love how Lissie took control of her life and never stops fighting. Her passion and motivation to stay herself is inspiring. This book is probably one of the better mermaid books that I have encountered recently, so that's always fun.

Original review posted on June 2, Updated with Grammarly on May 28, Apr 05, Susan Commeford rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really liked this one! This story is just unusual enough to keep you engaged up until the end. The characters are detailed and the world descriptive in nature. I'm looking forward to the next chapter Mar 02, Sarah Ashwood rated it really liked it. Fun novel featuring a unique take on mermaids.

I admit, I'm always attracted to the bad boys, so I found Morven the most interesting character. Looking forward to book two and finding out more about him. Nov 28, Daisy rated it liked it. So I came across this book when I was looking for something to read. It sounded intriguing when I read what the book was about. This book took me a lot longer to read than I normally get through a book.

With that said the story line was great but I definitely think that the main character should have become a lot stronger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United Kingdom United States World. Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. The Body Found press release ". Retrieved 4 July This two-hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.

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