Ugly as Sin: The Truth About How We Look and Finding Freedom From Self-Hatred

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More shocking still, she calls on the rest of us to own our ugliness too. But don't be insulted. There's a liberating purpose to her message, one that could finally set you free from the obsessing, self-doubt, and self-criticism that all of us participate in when we think about how we look. In this unprecedented examination of ugliness, its pervasiveness in our society, and the havoc it wreaks on our psyches, spirits, and bodies, Raiten-D'Antonio bravely confronts the problem of ugliness including her own and opens a dialogue that is provocative and inspiring.

She reveals the roots of our perceptions of ugliness and beauty, tracing them through biology, art, religion, and culture and shows how we have been led to fear being defined as ugly 'ugliphobia' , and how this dread has become a universal problem. Comparing ourselves to impossible and ever-changing ideals of beauty, we endlessly cycle between efforts at self improvement and hopelessness.

What you will learn from Ugly as Sin is that overcoming ugliphobia begins with understanding the origins of the problem and learning that what we call ugly is not frightening or alien but part of being human. With searing honesty and empathy, Raiten-D'Antonio gives us the courage to redefine ugliness according to our own standards, while providing tools for finding self-acceptance and living in a world in which ugliness seems to be the ultimate sin. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s 'The Bookwatch' edition: It's based on the author's research into bigotry based on appearance and some results come from the author's web-based survey on self-assessment and ugliness, which sparked hundreds of responses around the world.

An intriguing survey results! Research pioneered by the author offers insights into how ugliness and its perception operates in culture and lives, and how appearances and fears surrounding such affect reactions. Any general or health lending library will find this unique and intriguing. Lees de eerste pagina's.

After working around and directly with children for the last 14 years, I've seen the age at which children are struck by negative body image slide lower and lower. Due to this fact, I tend to devour any article that I find on the matter. Toni Raiten-D'Antonio is both a psychotherapist and professor, and it shows in her work. The chapters are thoughtfully separated into sections that discuss the origins of "ugliphobia", how it relates to culture, what effects it creates, and how to overcome it.

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Her book is beautifully written, which I honestly find rare among non-fiction works. The accounts that she shares, the meaningful quotes that she puts in, it all comes together to create an extremely meaningful and fascinating account of how the concept of ugliness has evolved. There are multiple accounts of her own personal experience with the body image battle, and she even goes so far as to share candid stories from her childhood. A book like this is sometimes hard to read because it tackles the truth so well.

I found myself nodding at times, teary-eyed at others, and fuming over the whole issue at others. It is hard to face the fact that we built this world for ourselves, and trapped ourselves in our own individual prisons. Ugly As Sin is, without a doubt, a book that I recommend to all women of all ages. Like I mentioned above, the age at which body image affects us as a society is slowly sliding lower and lower.

Ugly as Sin: The Truth about How We Look and Finding Freedom from Self-Hatred

I feel that if more women read this book, felt the empowerment, and took the steps to make themselves feel comfortable in their own skin, society as a whole would benefit from it! Yes, that is my soapbox and I'm sticking to it. I leave you with a quote from the book itself that I think will resonate with you, and I hope will encourage you to read this book.

Sep 07, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. From my book review blog Rundpinne. She proceeds to write three subsections: Origins; Ugliness and Culture; The Ugly Effects; Overcoming Ugliphobia and sums up with how we can help spread the word and help our children to grow up strong and confident. Ugly As Sin is a book to empower women and help women of all ages to realize that their potential does not lie in their appearance or body size.

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I would, without a doubt, recommend Ugly As Sin to every girl, teen, and woman. Jan 09, Eliza Fayle rated it it was amazing. Very Right who had to listen to me, every morning for a week during our commute, rant about how ridiculous and impossible our pursuit of beauty is.

See a Problem?

Part history lesson, part anthropological study, part clinical study, part personal experience, Ugly As Sin looks at our attitudes to appearance from all sides. Not just how we view our own appearance, but how we treat others based on theirs. I am also incredibly beautiful. Then we could simply get on with living our lives. To read the full review visit http: Jun 22, Zalary rated it it was ok Shelves: I wanted to like this book. I wanted this book to be the book described on the back cover; unfortunately, it was not.

Ugly as Sin: The Truth About How We Look and Finding Freedom from Self-Hatred | Rated Reads

Ultimately I found this book to be a disappointing hodge-podge of history, social studies, and self-help platitudes. Sep 02, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: A good look at how fear of being ugly effects how we interact with ourselves and others. A bit truncated and chatty for my tastes, but some good ideas. May 07, Anas Ahmed rated it did not like it. I just read 50 pages of that book and couldn't read it anymore.

Oct 05, Girls Gone Reading rated it liked it. Ugly as Sin is a compact, easy read about a topic that affects us all: This idea was not particularly new to me, but the term ugliphobia and the history behind the problem was. Luckily this book felt nothing like a boring history lesson, and Ugly as Sin easily jumps from the past to the present. She encourages to embrace our faults and in other.

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Then, she says we can finally more past them. And truthfully, it was this judging of others that really opened my eyes about the subject. Clearly, I thought, these bad thoughts about my own shortcomings were doing nothing to help my self esteem, but the effect I have on others was something I had not thought of before. I admired her honesty about her own self perception, and I felt comforted by the personal accounts she included.

Jan 16, Khezu Khez rated it did not like it. It offered itself as an alternative to the insincere, mass produced "you are beautiful" slogan, just to do the identical "You are beautiful because clearly physical ugliness is a moral failing, now I'm also calling you stupid for buying into this oh and you are vain" thing. Just go and Youtube a Dove commercial instead, at least they are free and honest about they are cosmetic company having investiment on hooking you on the need to be physically beautiful.

Jun 27, Marin rated it it was ok. This book was ok. I liked the fact that it started exploring and challenging our societal on what is considered "beautiful" and how you are punished for not attaining the impossible. The book was a little shallow for my taste, though. Feb 01, unperspicacious rated it liked it Shelves: Accessible, but also verging on magazine fodder Feb 22, Jennifer Bloom rated it liked it.

I really wanted to love this book. Perhaps it wasn't quite what I expected.