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Romance - yes, sex - no, after all, these are short stories. Nov 16, Melenia rated it liked it Shelves: So, it averages out to 2. This was an okay read. They only use two different voice actors to read this book, which I found to be annoying and I did not really enjoy the female voice at all. Here is a breakdown of each individual story: Lyle — 5 stars, but I am unhappy with how it ended. Might try and read the other books in the series. Somewhere between a 3 and a 4 star. I finished it, but it was not worth it.

The art angle was pretty interesting. I still have no idea what happened and I hate that in a book. What was that ending?!? And I hate the romance drama ugh. Jan 18, Charlene rated it really liked it Shelves: I read several of the short stories in this romantic suspense collection edited by Sandra Brown. Ones from series goodreads groups may be reading: Jul 02, Amy Lignor rated it really liked it.

From Lee Child to Sherrilyn Kenyon to Heather Graham, these bestselling authors have outdone themselves with passionate tales of murder and mystery. This extremely riveting murder involves a beautiful girl who, literally, had no enemies. After losing his argument and the children get ready to head to the home of their mother, the woman simply disappears.

Police, in their attempt to locate her, are led on a hunt that takes them to Execution Dock, which is a place that was once used to slowly torture pirates, mutineers, and other seafaring men for their sins. Setting off for Paradise Island to stay in a lovely hotel called The Atlantis, she finds herself surrounded by a stunningly mysterious man and a beautiful jewel-encrusted box that has a history you will not believe. This review could go on and on considering the brilliant talent, tall tales, and exciting and passionate romance this collection offers.

But to save space, my advice is simply to go out and get it immediately! Until Next Time, Everybody! May 31, Joseph Finder rated it it was amazing. A terrific introduction to some writers thriller fans may not have encountered before, edited by ITW Master Sandra Brown. KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures I'll be the first to admit this is the probably the third time I have ever read every story in an anthology.

There are ones that I get just for a certain author's novel. But in this case I have to say I am so glad I read each and every one!! Each story was great!! Their we're a couple that were out of my box of normal reading, but I still enjoyed them. I did try to do a small review of each story, but their are a couple I couldn't without giving away the s KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures I'll be the first to admit this is the probably the third time I have ever read every story in an anthology. I did try to do a small review of each story, but their are a couple I couldn't without giving away the story.

But I did star grade each of them. I'm not too shocked that Lori Armstrong's was my favorite or that her story is the only one with an actual sex scene.. I'm a huge fan of hers and of anything she writes. I highly recommend this book!! I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I have!!!!! Roxanne St Claire 4 stars This was action packed greatness!!

Diamonds being protected by the sexy Donavan Rush, and can he make it to Paris before someone tries to take them?? Is the beautiful women sitting in front of him in on the theft, or is she just a sexy innocent bystander?? He is out in the snow looking for the Vice President's eldest daughter before a killer can get to her! This is a short nail biter!! All Olivia Lynn Warren knows is she has been poisoned. She keeps running, but can hear her cop boyfriend chasing her.

Did he poison her?? Did he turn bad cop, and go on the payroll of a wife killer to take her out?? Robert Browne 5 stars This one was amazing!! It's one of those stories you just HAVE to read as fast as you can to find out what the hell is really going on!! Greatness is all I can say about this one!!

Talk about the wedding from hell!! You are walking down the isle.. Almost to your groom and three year old son, when a masked gunman come in and takes everyone hostage. He lets everyone go except he keeps only the bride, her young son, and best friend hostage.

Can the police and the two honeymooning FBI agents save them before this wedding becomes a great tragedy??? William Simon 4 stars This one was just awesome!! They used to be married. Now they both work for the FBI, but this is their first case together. Lawd is it a tough one!! The President's 4 yr old granddaughter has been kidnapped, and is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Can they find her before it is to late?? And will they ignore the chemistry that is pulling them together, when this is all said and done??? This is certainly a nail biter!! A US embassy has been taken by terrorist. Jill has been wounded, and is playing dead. She has a phone hidden on her, and is feeding info to the SEAL commanding officer. Petty Officer Mike Dietz is watching her through the lens of his sniper riffle, but has to wait for his CO's ok to go in. Will they get in before she bleeds to death?? Will they get in an out without one of the terrorist blowing their bomb vest??

Sherrilyn Kenyon 4 stars Ohh my!! This was one that kept ya guessing! What's a guy to do when hit target is the one gal he has ever loved?? He is sent in to question or take her out.

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Will she be proved be working with terrorist, and if not can he save her?? Dianna Love 3 stars High Note This was a great story! She's a cop investigating the strange deaths of men washing up on the lake and he is her half vamp boyfriend. The latest victim is one of his friends, and he is determined to help her. Can they stop who ever is killing theses men?? This was a great story. She is the set designer of this horror movie, but working at night alone has her scared out of her mind!! Is it all in her mind, or is someone truly trying to kill her?? Straight out the headlines!!

Lyle 5 stars Oh WOW!! It goes to show you that you don't screw with someone's kid!!

All I can say is WOW!! Husband and wife team are pinned down waiting for backup. Her husband is badly injured. Can she keep him alive, and the enemy from finding them?? The Number of Man Ellison 3 stars Hard Drive.. William Floyd 4 stars A great story with a twist I so didn't see coming! William Bernhardt 3 stars Blood in, Blood out..

Vicki Hinze 4 stars The Honeymoon.. Julie Kenner 4 stars Great story.. Totally not what I was expecting at the beginning of it!! Pamela Callow 4 stars This one was just great! Another one that shocks the hell outta you! Toni McGee Causey 4.

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Two people who lost the same loved one, both looking for revenge not knowing the other is working for the same goal!! Lori Armstrong 5 stars Another perfect story from Lori!! I absolutely love Mercy!! You get Mercy in action. Plus you get a smoking hot sex scene between her and Dawson!!! So worth the wait! But makes me want the next Mercy book now! How do you stop someone from killing you and harassing you when they are a cop, and no one believes you?? I Heard a Romantic Story..

Well my stars are This is certainly not the best collection of short stories, but as a major short story fan I still found it enjoyable 1 Diamond Drop by Roxanne St. A cool little diamond heist caper. Never heard of St. Claire but will likely be checking her out in the future! If this had been the first I would likely not read "Breakwater" which is on my shelf at home. Barton, so I mean no disrespect A jealous woman, an overbearing mother, a boyfriend with bad judgement A kidnapping with horrific ramifications, a computer genius, international espionage, terrorists, and a resiliant tracking team, make for a fun story.

Not great, not bad. Mission by Sherriyn Kenyon- 2. Wouldn't you like to have a machine that granted you mulligans? I have however read a few Short stories and novellettes, and they have been mostly enjoyable The writing flowed nicely in spite of myself. Lyle- 3 stars Another tale of vigilante justice I have read several books by bernhardt The plot developed a little slowly and intermittently for a short story. A few to many holes left me wanting more Nice to have a little heist thrown in.

I devious little twist, vigilante justice and revenge A sting operation, a female private detective and a seriel killer walk into a book and Since I didn't care about the characters I didn't enjoy them groping etc. First I enjoy lee child and his reacher series, but even there he writes the worst love scenerios I have ever encountered. Why would they include him in this collection. I would recommend this to fans of certain authors in this collection, short story fans Jan 01, Pamela McDowell rated it really liked it Shelves: I forgot how much I enjoy reading short stories until I picked up this book.

Some are great, and others not so much, but it's easy to jump to the next. Entertaining collection of familiar and new voices. Jul 16, Erin Muses rated it really liked it Shelves: An enjoyable anthology of suspenseful romances. Claire - A Bullet Catcher on a mission to deliver diamonds is tested by a beautiful woman. Mission Sherrilyn Kenyon - A former black operator gets reacquainted with his ex-girlfriend to save the world from a terrorist group.

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Lyle - A couple tries to move on after the murder of their son. Ellison - A man "falls in love" with a TV anchor. Apr 25, Heather rated it really liked it. Love Is Murder is filled with a wide variety of romantic suspense stories by an amazing grouping of authors. Many of these authors I had heard of, but never read. All of the stories are suspenseful, and all have a romantic component.

We even have some paranormal stories thrown in for fun. The one in which the granddaughter of the president of the U. It has the right amount of suspense with a dash of romance. I loved the characters, the premise, and the delivery. Suspense, romance, and a touch of sci-fi thrown in!

It is highly emotional.

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The woman who cost him his marriage, and could cost him his career. Loved Howie, the main character, and was pleased by some unexpected twists. I found this story engaging. The pace is fast. The stakes are high. I was engrossed the whole way through. I was caught off-guard, and suspect you will be, too. It takes place in New Orleans, and packs a bunch of action and information inside.

Love Is Murder

I was satisfied at the end, and felt I understood everything. These are just my favorites. Overall, this is an excellent collection with a wide variety of romantic suspense stories. Apr 03, Rebecca added it. What an amazing short story anthology. They are all extremely well written and well thought out. I real What an amazing short story anthology. It was short and to the point and peaked my interest in ever story. This being the third anthology and the third I read I feel as though it was even better than the previous two anthologies.

As I was reading this one I was trying to figure out this for myself but every story I came upon was amazing. If there was one thing that I got out of this book was entertainment. I feel as though every single story had entertainment value. All that being said, just go read this book. Oct 08, Linda Munro rated it liked it. I ordered this book from the library because of Sandra Brown's attachment to it, but I was really not pleased! I like collections of short stories because I cannot seem to read one book at a time, and this gives me a way to read entire stories in between chapters of other books.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find people who can truly write a good short story, which is proven over and over in this book. Come on, you guys are all well known authors, you had to start somewhere! Maybe a short st I ordered this book from the library because of Sandra Brown's attachment to it, but I was really not pleased! Maybe a short story that was one of your first works to be published? Anything but the bad shorts in this book. Okay, I take it back, I did find a couple of decent stories, but I refuse to share which ones they were. After all, if I had to suffer through the entire book, so should every other reader who picks it up!

May 26, John rated it liked it. Some great stories, some awful ones, and many that were too forgettable. The short story format is one where an author can take risks and is challenged to make something memorable in a short amount of time. Too many of the stories just blended together. The mixture of romantic suspense and suspense with romance threw me off a bit, too. I don't regret reading the anthology in the slightest, and it did give me a lot of good information as to which romantic suspense authors I may like to read and w Some great stories, some awful ones, and many that were too forgettable.

I don't regret reading the anthology in the slightest, and it did give me a lot of good information as to which romantic suspense authors I may like to read and what my quibbles with the genre in general are, but a tighter anthology of stories may have weeded out some of the unnecessary ones. People who primarily read suspense will probably find it more satisfying.

Jun 09, Mary BookHounds rated it really liked it Shelves: There are short stories by some of my favorite authors including Roxanne St. There are a lot of new names for me as well. Can you believe I have never read a Lee Child's story before? Well, that will soon be changing since I really loved the thriller here called "I Heard a Romantic Story". There is definitely something for everyone here with Navy SEALS, police, terrorist all mixed with romance--sometimes hot, steamy romance!

Jul 27, Xenos rated it it was ok. I don't like short stories. She's just broken off with her boyfriend, Cody, and will be submitting her application that summer to join the FBI. That process, in itself, will take up to a year. There is some mention in the novella of Lucy having suffered horribly from an abduction when she was 18, which resulted in Patrick being left in a coma following his injury after the rescue attempt of his kid sister. There is a rather ho-hum murder mystery woven in here and I'm left wondering what was the point of this novella.

I'm going to assume it's to show Lucy's introduction to her first crime-solving experience as she figures out who the killer of Vanessa is and wraps it all up nice and neat. I could have done without this prequel and the FBI interview as it didn't add anything to the series but only served to confuse me. I filled out the initial application a year ago. At the start of Book 1, Sean and Lucy haven't started dating yet. They only know each other casually because Sean works with Lucy's brother in their private security company, Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid. It is only at one-third through Love Me to Death that Sean kisses Lucy and when he takes her out on their first date.

Jun 18, Elvan rated it really liked it. I'll never be a big fan of novellas but I was impressed at this tightly written little mystery. It felt like a theatre who dunnit and even though all the characters were new to me, I was able to get a general feel for Lucy Kincaid and her brother Patrick. Entertaining first read for this new to me author. Jul 03, Stacy McKitrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: The only thing wrong is that it was too short 78 pages. But hey, it's only got me more interested in reading the rest of the books in this series. I really like Lucy.

May 29, Angela rated it really liked it. Although it was a little predictable, it was interesting and held my interest right through. It was also just the right length to read the whole thing on a rainy afternoon.

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I really liked Lucy and her brother and look forward to reading more in the series. Aug 01, Meghan rated it liked it. It was a good read, but somewhat predictable in terms of who did it. Jul 17, Doreen rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 08, Eliza rated it it was ok. Murder in a ski lodge. Quick read, fairly obvious conclusion, but good to see Lucy again. Dec 07, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: Winfrey Short Story I really enjoyed the setting of this story. Unfortunately there was not much else to enjoy. Very basic, simple undeveloped story. Quick read This was a short, quick, enjoyable read with mystery and mayhem going on during a blizzard.

Can everyone survive until local law enforcement can arrive? Mar 22, D Nichols added it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Unfortunate that this is only available as an e-book since I much prefer a book I can hold in my hands. Nevertheless, it is a good story. Lucy needs a break and plans a getaway ski weekend with her brother. The other guests at the chalet are newlyweds.

One person is suddenly killed and Lucy tries to solve the murder while taking care of her brother who has unexpectedly become ill. Oct 14, Jo Ann rated it liked it Shelves: This book is mediocre at best. Mar 18, Sarah rated it liked it. A nice short novella nothing great a little predictable but still a good read. Aug 24, Sophie rated it liked it. Good story but pretty predictable.

Love Is Murder (Lucy Kincaid, #) by Allison Brennan

Only a few digital imprint errors. Okay, here's a diversionary rant. When a well known and well respected publisher digitizes one of their books, there are very rarely spelling, grammatical or word usage errors. Now that many authors are self-publishing direct to digital and direct-to-digital pub Nice light novella. Now that many authors are self-publishing direct to digital and direct-to-digital publishers are emerging, priced for volume sales, like Amazon, are readers -voracious or not - destined and doomed to be victims of spellcheck? Spellcheck only finds improperly spelled words; it doesn't identify the errors or misplaced words, for example, thought instead of through, or her instead of here, or what instead of who.

Every book I have read that has been a direct-to-digital publication has been more or less replete with these kinds of errors. I recently read an eBook republished after a re-edit and it was still full of mistakes! For the books to do volume they need to be priced considerably lower than paperbacks yet they need to keep costs down. This is generally evidenced in the authors' acknowledgements.

I know everybody is probably doing the best they can, but I am so irritated that the only relief I get is making highlights and margin notes where there are ridiculous errors. In one recent case a writer used the word principal several times in the space of three or four pages. In only one instance did he use the correct spelling of the word principle, which was the correct spelling for context.

Okay, I could go on and on, but I won't. But I think I'm going to play a game on my iPad to destress for a bit before I start my next book. Hats off to those of you not bothered by these errors. As a former university professor in the social sciences, well, it's in my veins to correct writing. May 15, Debbie rated it liked it. Amazon Description After a tough breakup with her boyfriend, Lucy Kincaid needs a different kind of break. But finding one of her fellow gue Amazon Description After a tough breakup with her boyfriend, Lucy Kincaid needs a different kind of break.

My Review This novella was pretty fast paced, less than pages. Someone staying at the secluded lodge is murdered and every other guest is a suspect. I thought that being a novella we'd learn more about Lucy Kincaid before the series starts but that really wasn't the case.

I am intrigued though and will read the first book at least. Jul 09, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: Lucy and brother 'save' him when he rolls down a Lucy Kindcaid Lucy and brother 'save' him when he rolls down a snow hill Lucy and bro figure it out very systematically Nov 05, Pattianne rated it liked it. Love is Murder - Lucy Kincaid 0. She also finds an unexpected group of newlyweds seeking their own idyllic getawa Love is Murder - Lucy Kincaid 0. Jan 14, Rhea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love is Murder is an excellent novella that is as suspenseful and action-packed as any of Allison Brennan's full-length novels.

It was also fun to read a book about Lucy and Patrick that occurs before any of the events in the first Lucy Kincaid novel. I enjoyed this greatly. I always enjoy novellas that take us back in time to learn more about the characters. In response to some of the reviewers, this is a novella, a short story. It is not a full-length novel. It is not necessary to read this to Love is Murder is an excellent novella that is as suspenseful and action-packed as any of Allison Brennan's full-length novels. It is not necessary to read this to read the Lucy series.

It's just extra, for added enjoyment. Also, even though it came out after the first Lucy book, it takes place before so she has yet to meet Sean. But we get to see her wishing for love. Sep 15, Roz Curney-Sherod rated it liked it. This was a short novella to introduce Lucy Kincaid. Lucy is also mentioned in the "No Evil" series along with some members of her family. I like the character because she is a strong female lead but not a ball-buster!

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