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Christian Standard Bible And a voice from heaven said: This is My beloved Son. I take delight in Him!

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I am pleased with him! American Standard Version and lo, a voice out of the heavens, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Douay-Rheims Bible And behold a voice from heaven, saying: As Amal struggles from the effect of illness, additional support for Rayan and Mariam is desperately needed. Amir, meanwhile, is in limbo in Egypt, working in a restaurant and feeling helpless to care for his mother and siblings.

We would have an income in the family; he finished university so he can find work easily.

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It would mean that we could go out to places with the children so that they feel better. Amir worked as security for Saleh and he and anyone related to him were targeted after the president stepped down. They fled to Egypt where they were placed on a resettlement list through the UN refugee agency.

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  • 'I'm ill, I need my son': one refugee family's battle to be reunited.
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  • 'Why I'm giving my son Islamic scripture classes'.
  • We thought we were being spied on. We kept ourselves to ourselves.

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    Eventually, they were resettled in Sheffield — without Badr and Amir — and have received support from the Refugee Council in adjusting to their new life. Their home in the north of the city is basic: Anna Musgrave, the head of advocacy at the Refugee Council, says: Being apart from loved ones — in this case a much loved son and brother — can result in people feeling nothing but pain and worry.

    Just because I am not jiggy with organised religion, as such,does not mean that I am without faith. In fact, I have quite strong spiritual beliefs that have raised many eyebrows in their unorthodox nature however faith is precisely as its name suggests.


    Something you believe without any proof. My learnings in the Christian and Catholic schools I attended were mostly similar to the average school. I learned to read and write, I learned to despise maths and I learned that kids can be utter cruel arsewipes to each other, especially if someone is perceived as different.

    I have grown up to believe that adults can too be utter cruel arsewipes to each other, also often if they perceive someone as different. I do believe that many of the fundamental teachings of religion are for the greater good. They speak of respect, love, forgiveness, don't fornicate with a married person that's not yours and try not to covet your neighbour's donkey. All in all, early scripture studies are fables with good morals and offer an insight to something that often sets countryman against countryman, country against country, and has the ability to set the world alight.

    He asks often about Jesus, God, heaven and many other things that I have never really discussed and really don't know how to answer in light of my own feelings about religion. I called the vice principal and asked if he could do one term of each scripture class, and she paused for a moment before asking me why, when I had previously not nominated any religion?

    I explained that at this age, sitting in with his fellow students, learning a tiny snippet of their religions and beliefs, there is the possibility that he will have a greater acceptance of everyone's faith regardless of his own beliefs as he grows up.