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She has a tremendously big heart, but she often times feels like she's less important when compared to her younger sister, Lilly. Lilly demands attention, while Grace is left standing in the back watching. With Colin, she found someone who she could speak with without having to worry about being overshadowed by her sister.

With this Kiss

The navy changed him. He's haunted by the things he's seen and done. He's looking for something, anything, that will take away the pain of watching and listening to his men die. He makes a rash decision that alters not only his life, but that of Grace's. I loved both of these characters. Grace is a perfect mix of her parents. She has James' romantic ideals with her Theo's stubbornness. I wasn't surprised at how Grace reacted to Colin's decision she is her mother's daughter after all , but I'm hoping she has enough James in her that as we move onto Part 2 and 3, she can fight for what she really wants.

Mar 01, Gaele rated it really liked it Shelves: Shy and watchful, Grace feels herself plain and unnoticed, especially in the company of her devilish and beautiful younger sister Lily. But the course of young love and infatuation never runs smoothly, especially when your younger and more vivacious sister is the delight of everyone you encounter. A delightful introduction to an ongoing story full of beautiful descriptions intermingled with slices of history and the memorable characters that live within its pages.

Told in a series of 3 shorts, these stories neatly fit together to make a satisfying novella and will be especially pleasing for those readers familiar with these families from earlier works by Eloisa James. I received an eBook copy from the publisher via Eidelweiss for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review: James has created two characters that stand out amongst a sea of faces. Grace is admirable and deserves so much more than Colin can give her at this point, but she is so blindingly in love that she does not care.

Colin's character has so much room to grow and I am eager to see how and when he will finally open up his eyes and see the gift in front of him. I needed to know what James has created two characters that stand out amongst a sea of faces. I needed to know what would happen to them! Though serials aren't my favorite style of reading books, I cannot deny the appeal and excitement of one done well. Let's hope that James delivers her gentle readers a happily-ever- after fitting to the fantastic characters she has created in the installments to come. Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction Mar 12, Alice rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Well written as all of Eloisa James's books are, the reader is most inconveniently yet intriguingly left hanging I look forward to the next two installments!

Jun 26, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: I love when we get to revisit popular characters and their families years later. Both Grace and Colin are such well-developed and sympathetic characters. I am definitely rooting for them! Mar 26, MountainKat rated it really liked it Shelves: Saving my thoughts until the end of the third part - but this was a great beginning!

Mar 01, Stella rated it really liked it Shelves: Detailed review to be posted soon. Jul 10, Jenny E rated it really liked it. This made me cry!! I hope all this angst is leading up to a great ending!! Sep 09, Mancho rated it it was amazing. Mar 28, Book Binge rated it it was amazing. Holly and I don't often review books together but it's something that we've always said we wanted to do.

We both thought it would be a good idea to review the three parts of With this Kiss by Eloisa James together So here is our not-so-review-more-like-discussion of With this Kiss, Pt. Like you, I cried like a baby throughout the entire first part. From the ti Rowena: I thought it was a rather heartbreaking story.

I felt so terrible for Grace the entire time. Being in love with a man who doesn't see you, coupled with constantly standing in the shadow of your younger sister? My heart hurt for Grace. She was such a great character that I wanted to hit Colin upside his head more than once. She was so fiercely loyal to him and he comes home and has eyes only for her sister? Yeah, that sucked big donkey balls but I really liked the relationship that Grace had with her parents. The way that they supported her and were there for her, really worked for me. It was good to see them again their story is told in The Ugly Duchess , all these years later.

I also really liked that Lily was a brat but she loved her sister. You could tell that much. Yes, I agree about Lily. You wanted to hate her, but couldn't because she obviously cared for her sister. When Colin came home and refused to see Grace my heart stuttered a bit. I wasn't mad at him, though, because it was obvious he was hurting.

He didn't realize he was hurting Grace - or he did, but he didn't realize the depth of her hurt - but I could see how he didn't want to face her, knowing she knew all his secrets. In that regard, I really came to like Colin. He took the war seriously. For him, killing wasn't a thrill or something to celebrate. I liked how much he struggled to become the person he thought his father wanted, but still retain his humanity. I thought James did a great job of showing us that sisterly bond. Grace was jealous of Lily but she loved her and wanted her to be happy.

The pain of writing those letters to bring a smile to his face while he was away at war, the pain of not getting very many responses from him in return. The pain of seeing the boy that you adored, turn into the man that you loved and to not have him return the feelings? Well, it made me cry. What I really liked about Grace was that even though she was mad and emotional, she kept her head and she was always honest with herself.

This made me cry: She was always imagining what he was thinking in response to her letters, but she must have been wrong. This is the part that made me forgive him. His father sounded a little dubious, so Colin made the statement even more positive. We all love you. He would have asked, but all the champagne swept up into his head and he collapsed into the corner of the carriage.

In the end, the memories invaded his sleep, anyway. But when he woke up, he remembered that it was Lily who had chased them away. For me, I guess I was so disappointed that of all the girls in London, he turned to Lily. I definitely hurt for Grace, too. Like you, I enjoyed how levelheaded she was.

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She realized she was the one building castles in the sky and, even though it hurt, knew when to let go. I loved when Colin started realizing it was Grace he missed. The way he yearned for her letters. Nor as witty and kind. But she was shallow compared to Grace. She was a waltz, and Grace was a hymn. He turned over in bed and went to sleep, thinking about it. You know what part made me roll my eyes? The part where he commanded her to come…and she did.

Why does that always happen? I'm sorry, but no. I know, it never fails to make me laugh when the heroes in our books demand this of the heroines. How in the world do they think we can do that? Colin had me swooning all over the place with stuff like that scene. I really enjoyed getting to know him. For me, this was one of those romantic, sappy books that I ate right up. I loved the way that this first part pulled at my heart strings and made me come to love the characters so quickly. It made me so much more anxious for the next part and lucky for us, we had them all at once.

It introduced characters that were easy to connect with and made me want more. I really enjoyed this first part. All of the crying I did is a testament to that. I won't lie, I was annoyed when it ended. That aside, I can't find much to complain about.

James really pulled me into the story. Right from the beginning I was fully engaged. My heart hurt for both Grace and Colin. All in all, an excellent start. This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Holly and Rowena. Oct 08, Rowena rated it really liked it Shelves: We both thought it would be a good idea to review the three parts of With this Kiss by Eloisa James together…and we had a good time doing it.

From the time Rowena: May 21, Druma Shukla rated it it was amazing.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Their relationship is very real, but I don't want to ruin too much, it's a definite read if you like historical romances. But I'd like to start a conversation here too because the book in general left me with a bittersweet feeling, even though it was so obviously a positive end..

I just felt somewhere that Grace deserved a bigger Definite must read.. I just felt somewhere that Grace deserved a bigger apology, you know? Colin knew that he was hurting her, even if he didn't realise his feelings then. He intentionally stayed away, ignored her, didn't write back to her, he must've known how his letter to Lily would make Grace feel, he wasn't an idiot. I just thought I would have liked Grace to have given him a harder time in coming around. But aside from all that, I agree this book is perfection, so well written and what a great story.

May 25, Meg rated it liked it. This was a much more serious story than I'm used to. Mar 12, Chu rated it really liked it Shelves: I should have taken the hint with the part 1 and wait for the two more e-copies for this series before starting. But then again - the blurb was too good to pass. Lady Grace had been enamored of Colin at a young age. This is all explained in the third part, but at the time I felt so keenly for Grace I fully admit there were tears in my eyes because she just doesn't understand.

To her all it looks like is that once again she was the best she could be and it amounted to nothing. My issues with a section of book 2 can be considered highly spoiler filled, so highlight the below to read: Through events that transpire Grace ends up in a carriage with a blinded Colin on the way back to his parents' home.

He's given a hefty dose of laudanum and as was previously established he tends to have very realistic, very erotic dreams involving Grace. At some point--this is from third person Colin's view, in which he thinks he's dreaming--he starts to basically ravish Grace. Grace had previously stated she was going to either seduce Colin or tell everyone he seduced her in order to do Its debatable if she knew he was that far gone on laudanum. Unfortunately because Colin thinks this is a continuation of every other erotic dream he has of Grace he believes she's no longer a virgin--she's never one in his dreams because he claimed that right at some point in the nebulous dream past they share--and is As this is from his POV we don't know how Grace felt in that particular moment, but we know afterwards as she's thoroughly horrified.

She enjoyed the beginning the foreplay , but the end result terrified her because it was so brutal. This is further compounded by the fact she's certain he thought he was making love to Lily. Made me really really dislike Colin. Yes he was under the influence of drugs, had no idea that Grace really was in the carriage with him and really wasn't capable of rational thought--but it bordered on dubious consent sex. It wasn't romantic or sexy--it bothered me the entire time.

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A lot of miscommunication is cleared up and Colin finally admits why he's such a dope a monumental dope. There's a lack of consequences however that are never discussed, though I wonder if that is because this is part of the larger "Fairy Tales" books that James is releasing and they will be answered later. Point in fact James has a whole Facebook Group dedicated to this serial. With an interesting discussion, excerpts and an extra scene between James er the character from The Ugly Duchess and Griffin from Seduced by a Pirate after Colin makes a request from James. Overall this is a treat for fans who wanted to see more of James and Griffin's broods, as well as how the old salty pirates were doing spoiler quite well.

With This Kiss: A Novella by Eloisa James - FictionDB

Jan 17, Holly rated it liked it Shelves: This was my first time reading this author. In the end, I thought the book was just ok. The writing was decent and the characters weren't annoying. Just a simple little romance to make my day a little lighter. Would give another book by Eloisa James a chance. Aug 06, Tin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Their families have a shared past and have remained connected over the years and the nine Barry and Ryburn children have grown up in each other's company.

Being older than the rest, Colin is forging a path and setting the bar for the rest of his siblings and has decided to pursue a career in the Navy, which is as close to piracy as he can legally get. Colin is intelligent and talented and eager to make his father proud of him -- except Colin hates being in the Navy. He hates the violence, the injuries and the deaths that he encounters on a regular basis, and it is only Grace who knows about it. Grace is solid, serious and silent -- the exact opposite of her younger sister, Lily who shines and sparkles and charms everyone.

Everyone loves Lily, and Grace doesn't mind it if the whole world loves Lily more -- Grace only wants the love of one person: They seemed so similar, so like-minded -- and the exchanged letters over the years. In Grace's mind and heart, she believed that Colin favored her, loved her, but her faith gets shattered in a devastating manner when Colin comes home, sees Lily across the ballroom for the first time in a very long time, he reacts to her brightness, falls in love and asks to marry her.

So Colin added, "Because of the dancing. Except Colin isn't truly happy with Lily -- it takes him some time to figure out who it is he really loves -- the question is, will Grace wait for Colin? Their parents' stories were amazing but the children's story was truly enchanting. This novel was originally serialized in three parts and I think Eloisa James maximizes the format really well.

Each part has a clear story and purpose and succeeds in building up the stakes and the emotions for the next part.

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Grace and Colin and the rest of their siblings have known each other since they were children and it is inevitable that love will blossom somewhere along the way -- but even that certainty comes with its own uncertainty: And Colin surprises everyone when he falls in love with Lily. That one word that encapsulates the feeling of pleasure and pain together -- that perfectly encapsulates Grace's emotions the moment when her hopes and dreams all fall apart.

Having spent a few years in London ballrooms, Grace could diagnose love at first sight as well as anyone. Colin had just fallen in Love. Perhaps Lily had as well. She had a weakness for men in uniform. She was smiling at Colin, holding his hands and smiling up at him with such unmitigated pleasure that Grace wanted to weep.

It was agonizing for me to read this and I imagine those who followed this as a serial also felt the anguish and the excitement of how the first part ends: Why can't Colin see this? How will Eloisa James write their way to love? Depth and candor are both found in this book as James tackles the love between friends, sisters, family and lovers. While this is a follow-up to The Ugly Duchess and Seduced by a Pirate , With this Kiss isn't based on any particular fairy tale -- but, perhaps, it is the one novel that captures that magical moment found in many fairy tales: With this Kiss was originally released weekly in three serialized parts last March and finally compiled in a complete collection in June Sep 15, Jessica Beth rated it liked it Shelves: It's uncanny, how realistically Eloisa James wrote unrequited love in Part One, because it really hits home.

And I don't want to get too damn mushy here, but I will say that having feelings for the same guy for eight years, while he is not aware of this At least, now it does seem like it, but back then, it really didn't. It's almost like wish fulfillment reading this novella Not that Actual Rating: It's almost like wish fulfillment reading this novella Not that I need it [insert sassy emoji here].

But it was fun, nonetheless. When I was old enough to understand that, like Grace, I had been building a non-existent romance, and that I couldn't live my life pining after a guy that would never love me back, shit went down. Yes, it was a waste of time, but never a waste of knowledge.

And then there was a particular scene in this book that made me want to shout "Hallelujah! All around, this was a nostalgic, solid novella. I'm pretty sure I'm more of a fan of novellas than the full-fledged books. You have saved me from believing all Regencies are prone to shit-material! And you don't have to change out of your pajamas? Jan 02, LadyCalico rated it liked it. When I hit Part 2 I realized why the author broke this novel into three part Part 1 was excellent-real, human, original, really plucked my heartstrings--five stars.

Part 2 was awful--cheesy, stupid, trite, bi-polar, unnatural, contrived, and anachronistic--one star is being generous. Part 3 was mediocre.

It was nice that the author decided to quit dragging out the story with ridiculous stupidity and an excess of gratuitous sex When I hit Part 2 I realized why the author broke this novel into three part It was nice that the author decided to quit dragging out the story with ridiculous stupidity and an excess of gratuitous sex scenes and finally get around to trying to redeem this novel with a decent ending and almost, but not quite, succeeded.

Both the parts about the abused horse and Colin belatedly answering her old letters were original, charming, endearing, and worthwhile reading. However, view spoiler [ marrying poor sweet, sensitive Lord McIngle to the flaky, spoiled, selfish, useless Lily for whom he originally had the good sense to not even like! That was simply dreadful and such a superfluous cruel final blow to a character I was already feeling so sorry for! So the book ends by leaving a very sour taste. Mar 21, Courtney rated it really liked it Shelves: First off, I love the idea of gently retelling classic fairy tales and have been delighted to find this series!

Like the other books, this one is well written, very witty, and I enjoyed the banter between the characters. Especially since they sort of already knew, but just hadn't communicated with each First off, I love the idea of gently retelling classic fairy tales and have been delighted to find this series!

Especially since they sort of already knew, but just hadn't communicated with each other. The painting and artistic elements in this book were especially nice and I particularly enjoyed that it was the story of the children from two previous books in the series. Like in the other books, yes, the sensibilities and phrasing of the characters is entirely modern, but, overall, I recommend it and am looking forward to reading any more that may come out in this series!

Apr 10, Nadia rated it did not like it Shelves: No more fucks to give. And then Collin gets very macho and manly and I just can't even. Wonderful This had me in tears. I'm such a sucker for romance. There was everything, heartache, men in uniform, misunderstanding, and of course, true love. I love this book: Jun 27, Jay rated it really liked it. Good enough that I finished it today and ordered another Eloisa James book right away!

Oct 29, Missy rated it it was ok Shelves: An unrequited love is requited romance. Childhood friends growing up together and falling in love. Oct 04, Deranged Dreamer rated it liked it. May 26, vylit rated it liked it Shelves: This is one of those books that I would like to give 3. It's well written, and I like the characters, but the story needed a bit more depth to make it shine.

Grace, our protagonist, is shy and overshadowed by her charming and outgoing sister, Lily. What I like about this is that while Lily can be a bit She just likes fun and mischief and isn't serious or ready to settle down like Grace. Grace finds herself infatuated with Colin, the son This is one of those books that I would like to give 3.

Grace finds herself infatuated with Colin, the son of her father's closest friend, but it's clear from the beginning that while he likes Grace, he's significantly older and sometimes overlooks Grace because of Lily's antics. When Grace is a bit older, she begins to write to Colin, a soldier that hates war and battle, and is later hurt when he returns only to fall into infatuation with Lily, going as far as to ask for her hand.

The plot here reminds me a bit of Lisa Kleypas' Love in the Afternoon, and while there is nothing wrong with the story, it lacks the sparkle and depth of Love in the Afternoon. However, if you are sick or alpha male characters that act like jerks, Colin is a welcome change. I actually think that Grace, though perfectly nice, is a bit too much like the wallflower women that dominate this particular genre without anything of note to make her truly unforgettable. She's not a bad main character, but she's a bit generic. May 26, SSShafiq rated it liked it. One of my favourite tropes and favourite authors so I was predisposed to like this one.

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