How to Recognize Your Future Ex-Husband

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More than likely, though, life will get in the way and someone will have to deal with the practicality of paying the bills, sticking with a job, cleaning the house, and minding the children.

13 Warning Signs You Are About To Marry Your Future Ex-Husband

Ultimately, that means your spouse will have interests and things that make him happy outside of your relationship. In the beginning, most couples spend all their time together. But eventually, you are going to want to hang out with your friends and do the things that make you happy. In a relationship, both of you need to have a life of your own.

1. Possessive of you

The building blocks of relationships involve vulnerability, and anyone who shows signs of serious avoidance might not be someone you want to trust your emotional life with in the future. If he is broke and unprepared to pay for the first meal, he will avoid responsibility and accountability in a marriage.

Send that man packing!

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You need someone to be an asset, not a liability! A date should never feel like an inquisition.

2. Your Romantic Ideas Are Compatible

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. He mentions that money is tight and asks you to foot the bill. You feel like you are being interrogated. Relationships Dating Divorce Warning Signs.

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Anger can make us feel less vulnerable and will often impersonate intimacy. Genuine intimacy is about trust and feeling safe, and it is impossible to experience either with someone who is angry most of the time.

See a Problem?

Rage should never be a first-line response. So don't try to spin it like his ease in expressing anger is indicative of how he feels close enough to be authentic. In fact, if says something like this to you--run--he is definitely a future ex-husband! While the nature of romance is about the blurring of boundaries two become one, etc. One time a friend of mine was dating a man who constantly ate off of her plate and sipped her wine whenever they went out to eat. On the first date she politely told him that she was a bit germ-phobic and didn't like to share her food or drink.

13 Warning Signs You Are About To Marry Your Future Ex-Husband

This admission made him feel hurt and put-off, so instead of respecting her request, he continued to sip her Pinot Noir and munch on her pickles and coleslaw. Don't rationalize that this isn't a big deal in relation to all of the other wonderful things he does for you. What is most important here is his response to your stated preference. If he doesn't respect it, he is definitely a future ex-husband. In our culture, money is the code word for love and power, and we often worship wealth with complete disregard to character.

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Rich people can be stingy, and often cannot give easily of themselves emotionally. What seems tolerable in the beginning becomes a source of conflict later on. The other side the coin is buying gifts and showing-off. An expensive piece of jewelry on the third date should trigger an alarm. Again, don't rationalize that he is simply a generous person who shouldn't be demonized for having affluent tastes.