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They too were green and reptilian, but operated in hugely different ways to this blighter from the confession dial, tending to be more mischievous and shape-shifty. Species, as we all know, can vary wildly. So, PhaseShift was right last week about Gallifrey returning, because what else could have been about to happen?

For now, there are plenty of things we need to know. Where and when is Gallifrey hiding — and, probably more to the point, why? What is the Hybrid really? Where did the Doctor find anything to eat while in the confession dial?

‘The Hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins is me’

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First Known Use of heaven - sent , in the meaning defined above. Learn More about heaven - sent. He further stated "Writer Steven Moffat cleverly subverts the expectation that this'll be a low-budget escapade, with a surplus of Capaldi awkwardly expressing his inner thoughts aloud. There's plenty of the Doctor 'talking to himself', true enough, but there's always a reason", before closing his review by saying "'Heaven Sent' is brilliant, but it's also about as far from big, broad, family-friendly entertainment as you can get. The show's been obtuse and a little odd before, but nothing quite like this, and its rejection of the standard Doctor Who trappings might be too much for some.

But if you're willing to see past that and embrace the weirdness, then you'll end up captivated. Because this is demanding and intelligent science-fiction, the likes of which BBC One should be commended for airing". Alasdair Wilkins of The A. Club gave the episode an 'A', for the fifth time this season, writing "This season has been a remarkable achievement for the show, and, pending next week's finale, it's got a real chance to go down as the best season of the revival, topping even Matt Smith's debut in season five.

And hey, maybe "Hell Bent" will be the perfect capper to this season, or maybe it won't. But the genius of the construction of this season's endgame is that "Hell Bent" could be an unmitigated disaster and it still wouldn't really undo the genius of "Heaven Sent" or "Face The Raven" before it.

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Awarding the episode a score of 9. The realization that the sea of skulls is actually a sea of Doctor skulls while the gentle guitar-driven score picks up and broadens beautifully is amazing". He further praised the "hybrid reveal" as well as Capaldi's performance, and closed his review by saying "A great episode of Doctor Who that serves to bring this mostly excellent season towards its finale, "Heaven Sent" features a breathtaking one-man show from Peter Capaldi and a twist-ending that makes this one of the best episodes of the modern series' run".

He particularly praised Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi, saying "Steven Moffat takes a bold step by stripping his story back to its bare bones and putting the burden squarely on Peter Capaldi's shoulders. It's a beautifully textured performance, underpinned by a superb new musical score from series composer Murray Gold.

Many fans, myself included, had initial doubts over whether Capaldi could succeed as the Doctor. If there were any remaining concerns, this episode surely puts them to rest". He also praised the episode's structure, saying "As a story, the episode builds slowly, making a virtue of the Veil's slow-moving gait with a knowing wink about all those enemies who the Doctor is always outrunning.

Doctor Who series 35, episode 11 – Heaven Sent

But it's only in the closing minutes that the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the episode's epic scale is finally revealed". Selected pieces of score from this episode, as composed by Murray Gold , comprise the entire third disc of the ninth series' 4-CD soundtrack, which was released on 27 April by Silva Screen Records. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Heaven Sent "The Shepherd's Boy" - Series 9 Soundtrack - Doctor Who

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