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Although the rise in technological literacy has yielded slightly better entertainment e. And while the Internet is a known quantity these days and filmmakers have to dive into its more unknown aspects like the Deep Web in order to tantalize viewers, in , it was still relatively new to most people. We calmly accept that everything is computerized because it must be, and what we risk in security is deemed ultimately worth the convenience provided.

Angela goes on the run, but discovers her entire life has been digitally rewritten. Today, we know what identity theft is. What The Net does convincingly is that it provides constant reminders of how fragile every system is when we completely rely on computers. Bennett must now try and find help to recover her life, evade Devlin, and uncover the truth on the disk.

This idea was quite new at the time but director Irwin Winkler really tapped into the public's interest by utilising the newfangled internet contraption. The internet wasn't unheard of at the time of course, but it was intriguing to the masses and was used a lot to present an exciting new angle to movies.

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It was almost like an unexplored universe and Hollywood wasn't gonna let it slip by without milking its every potential. The other main draw for this movie was actress Sandra Bullock who was literally the biggest thing in Hollywood between - She was America's sweetheart with her adorable, girl next door looks and squeaky clean image. People just went to movies starring Bullock, no questions asked, she was huge. This movie also used the highly unpopular nerd image which was still something to mock at the time. Nowadays nerds are all the rage but back in the day oh no, being a nerd was not cool.

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But what baffled people even more was the introduction to a sexy female nerd, this was virtually unheard of at the time. This did present a problem for the movie simply because no one believed a sexy female could be a whizz-kid on computers or a nerd.

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Especially Bullock who was Hollywood's new darling leading lady. And admittedly it is hard to believe Bullock in this role because she simply doesn't look like she understands what shes talking about half the time. She also looks surprisingly unathletic considering her previous action movies, she kinda sleepwalks through this looking bored. Looking back now this movie is fun simply to see all the retro hardware and early programs in action. All these chunky laptops, very basic net page layouts, disk swapping and loading etc The action is kinda sparse but reasonably thrilling I suppose, it was never gonna be a violent movie with Bullock in the lead.

So the movie cuts away for any violence and there is little profanity, if any. Jeremy Northam is easily the best thing about the film with his devilishly charming contract killer, probably why his character is called Devlin. In the end this is a very safe and harmless action thriller that didn't want to rock the boat for its leading lady. Bullock is still cute and cuddly while under the stress of being hunted down by a hitman.

So naturally the tense unrealistic finale is shot there. I'm just gonna assume that the trade show would have had the best of the best computers on show so that made it possible. Its all very silly, cutesy and charming these days, so amusing to think this was a big serious release back in the day.

Sandra Bullock stars as a computer geek who unwittingly stumbles onto some vague internet conspiracy " we know everything about you so now we control your life, nya-ha-ha! I love Sandra Bullocks work she's an amazing actress! Good actors but disappointing plot.

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A bit of a turkey for Sandra. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: View All Photos The electronic superhighway is the backdrop for this provocative thriller that centers on the travails of a reclusive hacker, Angela Bennett, who works out of her home in Venice, CA for the Cathedral Systems company.

After six years of hard work, Angela prepares to take a much-needed vacation, but just before she leaves, a co-worker sends her a new Internet program that allows her to access highly classified government files. Later, as the colleague flies down in a private plane to visit her, the plane mysteriously crashes.

Though a few more strangely connected tragedies ensue, Angela decides to continue on with her vacation in Mexico. There she encounters a suave British computer whiz, Jack Devlin. At first he seems to be interested in her, but it is later revealed that he really wants that useful Net program. Angela is almost killed. But she faces a fate almost worse than death when she discovers that someone on the Net has stolen her identity. Her visa is stolen and replaced with another.

When she finally gets home, her house is for sale, and worst of all, she discovers that she is wanted by the police. Jack is behind it all. If he catches her and steals the disk, all of the government's computer security systems would be compromised. Sandra Bullock as Angela Bennett. Jeremy Northam as Jack Devlin. Dennis Miller as Dr.

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Diane Baker as Mrs. Wendy Gazelle as Imposter. Ken Howard as Bergstrom. Ray McKinnon as Dale. Scott Caldwell as Public defender. Robert Gossett as Ben Phillips. Kristina Krofft as First Nurse. Tony Perez as Mexican Doctor.

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Margo Winkler as Mrs. Gene Kirkwood as Stan Whiteman.

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  4. Julia Pearlstein as 2nd Nurse. Christopher Darga as Cop. Charles Winkler as Cop. Rick Snyder as Russ Melbourne.

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    Gerald Berns as Jeff Gregg. Tannis Benedict as Elevator Woman. Vaughn Armstrong as Trooper. Lynn Blades as Remote Reporter. Israel Juarbe as Thief.