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Have an answer ready for anyone who questions you. Something like, "I've been traveling with my mom all day to get to my grandparents house and we stopped here to freshen up," might prevent the police from being called on you. Ladies can use Nair to remove hair and maintain appearances. Try not to look suspicious when taking care of your bathroom routine. There are many tools you can use to keep safe, like a rape whistle, pepper spray, or a multi-tool, which can be used both for protection and in emergencies. Keep your tool well hidden but within reach at all times. Money should be kept in your underwear, not in socks or bras, which is where many people first look.

Keep a spare, visible bag or purse with a few dollars and coins. This way, if you're robbed, they'll take this instead. This will draw attention, and in some cases, upset other homeless. It is also illegal to beg for money in some places. A supermarket that offers free samples is a great place you can find food without drawing attention to yourself. If someone asks, you can always say you're waiting for your mom.

This is not only illegal and immoral, but it will draw the attention of others, including the police. Stealing can result in even more serious consequences than simply being returned from where you have run. Have answers to questions. People will likely ask questions if they see you around when school is in session or brushing your teeth in a public restroom.

Don't respond to these with the first thing that comes to mind. Come up with a story explaining your situation and stick to it; this will prevent inconsistencies that will make people question you. Think ahead of time about what people might say in response to your story so you are prepared with a believable response. Do not use your cellphone. This can be used to locate you after you've run away, but in an emergency, it can save your life.

Keeping your cell phone turned off will prevent you from being tracked, or you can replace your SIM card. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Only run away if you have no other alternative. This decision can have a serious and permanent negative impact your life. You can be hurt or even killed away from the protection of your community, friends, and family. If you're being abused, call the police. Don't fidget, stutter, or hesitate when lying.

This may cause people to not believe what you are saying. Only speak when spoken to, and stick to one lie about who you are, what you're doing, etc. You don't want people to realize it's fake by telling multiple stories. Never hang around the same place for too long. You don't want to be seen as a nuisance, or for people to wonder what you're doing. Remember, you want to be as invisible as possible.

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Try to look like a normal passerby. This means keeping up hygiene and having clean, appropriate clothes. Always have a way to defend yourself. You may want to consider working out and becoming stronger before leaving. Never lie or run from the police. This will raise suspicion and give the impression that you are doing something illegal.

If you are caught by an officer, you'll have to spill the beans because lying, fighting, or running can get you into more serious trouble. Pack essentials, like a flashlight, blankets, etc. Remember to bring as much non-perishable food like crackers, dried fruit, granola, canned goods as you can. If you are unable to dye or cut and change your natural hair type, you can consider wearing a natural-looking wig. It can help you hide your identity and sort of make you look like a different person. Bring pepper spray rather than weapons or look alike weapons such as pocketknives because weapons are illegal to carry around.

If you are running away, don't stay with one of your relatives, because they may call your parents. Bring a wallet but don't keep your money in the wallet.

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That way if a criminal tries to rob you, just show them the empty wallet and say that you are out of money even if you're not. Do not accept any food or water or drinks or anything from strangers, no matter how desperate you are. Don't contact any of your friends. It will make it easier for you to be found and taken back where you ran away from. Talk to someone before running away because now someone knows what's going on and your situation might not have been as bad as you thought.

A Swiss army knife is must or a multi kit including knife. Warnings Exercise common sense. By running away, you can face the risk of getting caught, mugged, raped, kidnapped, or murdered.

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  • It is something you might regret for the rest of your life. Try to find somewhere safe to stay at night. You don't want to wander around at night, as there is a higher chance you may run into a criminal. If you resort to a runaway shelter, they will contact your parents if they recognize you. It's best to go to a shelter outside your city so no one will recognize you. Always have appropriate clothing. Don't become too confident. Overconfidence can make you an easy target and will also make you easier to find. Don't bring weapons or look alike weapons.

    Bring pepper spray instead. Weapons are illegal to carry around and someone will report you to the police if you have one. The police will think you are a smuggler, murderer, or just a criminal. Unless you're running from an abusive home, in which case you should call the police, leave a note so your parents don't think you've been abducted.

    Keep it simple, only stating that you've run away. Things You'll Need Cash. Youth Runaways In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. JW Jenny Woods Apr RP Raygon Percion Aug 15, I'm recently living in an abusive home with my two sisters.

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    We have tried reporting our mom to police but they didn't believe us. I live in a neglectful home and I don't have phone access I'm using an iPad I got from a friend my parents don't know about. Plus, school is horrible, I'm always in trouble for things that I didn't do. BK Bobby Kendrick Feb 6. I loved how they have used a checklist. One thing I recommend is a pocket knife and to run away at night and to hide out somewhere in the woods that night and then take a bus to the next city.

    Run Away Home

    A Anonymous Feb 16, I personally am in a rough time at home and was looking at a way to get away from it. BJ Breana Jeffers Oct 29, This was very helpful. I'm 14, I hate school and I'm always getting into arguments with my granddad. I'm tried of it. I'm totally ready to run away, and I'm prepared. A Anonymous Oct 31, A Anonymous Dec 20, But, I have a question: A Anonymous Aug 14, I need to get away and this helped.

    TC Tia Castlehow Feb 7, If I have any problems, I can always look on this website. A Anonymous Feb 6, A Anonymous Nov 8, A Anonymous Oct 6, Some I never thought of, like pencils and notebooks. JR Jessica Reedside May 5, Everything I needed to run away. A Anonymous Sep 5, A Anonymous May 1, AB Aki Baton Oct 4, A Anonymous Feb 13, A Anonymous Nov 12, I am too lazy to plan an escape; stay home, stay safe. WG Winter Grounds May 5, A Anonymous Jan CG Caleb Gordon Jul 24, A Anonymous Mar 13, My life's been kind of hard, but seriously, thank you. A Anonymous Aug 11, Runaway Helpline can also help you.

    We know that bringing this out into the open takes a lot of courage but you are not alone, you deserve to be safe and there are people who will work hard to support you until you are. Lots of people recognise that being gay or transgender is totally fine and does not change who you are as a person.

    5 Common Reasons People Run Away From Home

    The first step is to talk to someone you trust such as a family member or friend. Not everybody has someone they can talk to about this stuff, so you can talk to the digital mentors at Ditch the Label who will help you through this chapter in your life. Someone experiencing this at home might want to run away because they think no one will notice or even care. Well, however you might be feeling right now, you matter.

    It can be easier said than done, but try not to bottle everything up and think that no one cares. Keeping something inside can make things worse and being able to speak with someone about your feelings and your concerns can help ease the situation. Of course, you can always speak to us at Ditch the Label too! There are services that can help by text, email and IM. Runaway Helpline have a bunch of online advice too which you can read at your own pace, check out their advice section here.

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